ENISA: Software vulnerability prevention initiatives

Accounting of Disclosures Under the HITECH Act

A notice of proposed rulemaking from the HHS Office for Civil Rights that would modify the HIPAA Privacy Rule standard for accounting of disclosures of protected health information and add new requirements for access reports.

FFIEC Final Authentication Guidance

The Final FFIEC Guidance has been issued and its main intent is to reinforce the 2005 Guidance’s risk management framework and update the Agencies’ expectations regarding customer authentication, layered security, or other controls in the increasingly hostile online environment.

Annual Report to Congress on Breaches of Unsecured Protected Health Information

The Department of Health and Human Services’ Office for Civil Rights provided a report to Congress on health information breaches from September 2009 through 2010, as required under the HITECH Act. Nearly 7.9 million Americans were affected by almost 30,800 health information breaches, according to the report.

P.F. Chang's Ruling: Is the Tide Shifting?


Sizing Up the Impact of Court Decision on Post-Breach Class Action Lawsuit
Does a federal appellate court’s decision allowing a breach-related class-action lawsuit against restaurant chain P.F Chang’s to move forward – and a similar, earlier decision in a case against Neiman Marcus – signal a change in tide for post-breach lawsuits? Legal experts offer widely varying opinions.